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I can’t believe I am already in PIPS ( Plug-InProfitSite) today January 30, 2018… that Sir Stone Evans encouraged me to have a domain with my own name…Finally I decided now!

For so long I have looking for the true guru that will lead me to legit making money online, For almost two decade of searching and surfing, Thank God! I have found it finally today!

I can’t find a word to express how lucky and grateful I am when I found this site. Thank you so much Sir Stone Evans!! At first I was very skeptical because of my failure of seeking the true guru, instead all fake gurus for almost 20 years… When I decided to act last two days ago, and waited for one day without any happened to my purchased domain, I sent a support to Mr. Evans, asking what happened to my purchased domain?… after a day I received an email with his instructions.

This is my first day learning how to be progress on this system, I will try my best to follow the instructions and take an action, though I am not good in writing English ( not my first language), specially writing a blog, but I will try myself to improve and never quit… because this is what I am looking for almost 20 years… to have a goal to free from my financial problems..to support the lives of my family.

Project pages I have done

I’m a freelance artist illustrator for fifteen years working online and worked as a layout artist on our local animation studios in Manila for five years. But due to my love in Art, I started to paint  again three years ago. I’m a self taught artist, have a free time to study arts online with the use of powerful internet. My passion in art is so wild and vibrant. Art for me is everything that embedded deeply in my heart…I cannot live without ART.

I was inspired with the works of the realist masters like William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Michael Angelo, Rafael and to name a few. I also inspired too much by the works of impressionist Claude Monet and  the works of our local artists like Fernando Amorsolo, Jose Blanco, Botong Francisco and others. I love to paint using oil paint and acrylic paints on board or canvas.

You can view some  paintings I’ve done and updating if I have time to paint here in SAATCHI Arts.

Just recently I felt so lazy to work as a painter due to lack of artist’s materials, inspirations  and without sell on my paintings online. I decided stop for awhile to focus on Network Marketing, I am  just thinking for our everyday foods to be served on the table for my family, sometimes I cannot create subjects, beautiful artworks to be sold on internet.

Nobody was interested on my style that frustrate me so much since I began painting again. So apparently I am shifting my profession from Artist to Affiliate Marketing to be free from financial needs. If I will succeed to my goal I can paint again without worrying my everyday funds…I felt that this is my world to become an Affiliate Marketer.

…And today is the day I should start!

I’ll park here first..

Please wait for the updated posts..hopefully everyday or every other day.

You can follow this blog how progress and develop I may have to be successful in this field…till I can tell everyone that I am in right decision to have free website that Mr. stone Evans provided me with this amazing … Plug-InProfit Site!

Thank you for reading..

…and if you are interested to view my  artworks, you are very much welcome!!

Just visit >> HERE



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