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How To Be Successful In SFI?

Since I started at SFI, I have tried my best to take things slowly, and learn all that I can in order to succeed. Part of what I have read is that too many people make SFI harder than it needs to be, usually because they want instant gratification, or a large commission every month for doing very little work.

First of all, logging in EVERY day and completing your “To-Do List” is a huge step in the right direction. Why anyone would think that SFI should pay a monthly commission for doing these things is beyond me.

It literally takes 15 minutes per day to complete these tasks, and SFI rewards you with VP

( VersaPoints ), even though they are giving you all of the tools and training that you need to succeed. I consider this extremely generous of them, and since I don’t work for SFI, but I am trying to build my own online business, this is the least I can do to show my devotion to building my own business.

Since my first month here, I chose to purchase a standing order of 125 TCredits for $36.25 per month, and I was willing to do odd jobs during the month to cover the costs that I was putting into my business. Sometimes I babysat for one weekend a month, and earned way more than what I was spending on my standing order, and other times I would go and mow a couple of small yards and return pop bottles, and I was still coming out ahead of what I was spending.

I also chose to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy for under $10.00 for the year, and their tech support helped me so that I had a creative name, but whenever someone goes to that website, it automatically redirects them to the SFI home page.

Once I had my personal site set up, I did a Google search and found hundreds of different places that I could advertise at, all at no cost. I then spent approximately an hour per day placing ads on various websites, and I let the sign-ups begin rolling in.

Even though I was brand new to SFI, I started immediately trying to guide my team to do exactly what I was doing. Any time a question would arise from the few that would actually ask them, I would search for the answers and get back to them immediately. I learned so much just by searching for information for my team, as well as searching for the answers to the SFI “Biz Quiz” answers. This is all invaluable information and I am very thankful for all of the support and training provided by SFI and all of the great members on the “Forum”.

I figure that I spend a minimum of 90 TCredits per month (3 TCredits per day) doing my listed actions. I play Card King 2 times a day for free, and then I spend just 1TC to play it a third time. I have tried the other games and I’m not very good at them, so I just stick with what works for me.

Once I exit Card King, I then spend 1 TC to play “Pick a Price”. After completing these tasks, my “EZ” tab is now green and I move onto the “PB” tab. Every time I bid on an auction, I choose something that will help build my business if I win, and I only play the double points (DP) auctions so that I receive 10 MRP rather than just 5 on other auctions.

The auctions come into play because once I have bid 10 times, I earn a spin to build up to a full PSA from the “Bid & Build” on the sideline. In a typical month, I earn at least 2 PSA’s from using this bonus. I also keep a close eye on my MRP throughout the month, and once I have 126 MRP or higher, I then use the MRP to purchase 1 TC at TripleClicks and earn 102 VersaPoints for each one that I purchase.

Another great way to earn VP is to play the “T-Time” numerous times per day. I enter every single hour that I am anywhere near my computer, and I win 2 TC multiple times per week using this method.

Every week I am either winning “T-Time”, “Daily Grand”, “Daily Crown”, or “E365 Daily Drawing”. It is such a great feeling to receive an e-mail telling me that I have won something from one of the many contests that SFI offers every day.

In my opinion, this is also very generous since I am here to build a business for myself, and I am being given different useful items all the time to help me along the way.

For the first four months that I was here, I earned a commission each month, but not enough to cover my standing order, so I used what I did make and I purchased small items from TripleClicks. I bought some great e-books, some headphones for my son, and other little items that I found interesting, and I was able to earn VP on all of it.

As my time here goes on, my life seems even crazier, and I will admit that I haven’t done nearly as much as I could with my SFI business, but I am maintaining my daily login activities, and I am keeping my current ads running.

Even with such small effort on my part, I am maintaining my standing order and my commissions are covering every cent that I put into my business, and then some.

This business works, and you decide how much you want to make depending on the time and effort that you are willing to put into it.

There are still so many other ways to earn VP, and to get sales or sign-ups, and I have just now begun to scratch the surface of attempting to make sales.

Every article you read, and every tip that you receive could be the piece of advice that will allow you to get your business of the ground.

Don’t get discouraged, get tough and determined! Your attitude and approach can make or break you!

Source: SFI Forum Threads

By Laura Stillson  from USA

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