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How to take care of your Brain?

Vitatree memory and brain booster naturally enhances brain function andlearning abilities for all ages. it also helps to enhance memory, especially for children and as people age.

The memory and brain booster from vitatree contains only natural, safe ingredients that have the scientific studies proving the ability of the herbal medicines in the formula, to increase the flow of blood to the brain, thus helping brain function and memory.

The vitatree memory and brain booster also helps direct blood and oxygen to the extremities, and helps supply the brain with the important nutrients it needs to function and think best.

 vitatree memory and brain booster can help with:

  •  memory and concentration
  •  learning, and remembering of information
  • headaches
  • blood circulation to brain and extremities
  • aging of the brain, alzheimer’s
  • helps to maintain proper structure and tone of the blood vessels
  • anxiety, depression
  • detoxification of heavy metal toxins in brain like lead, mercury
  • urinary incontinence
  • hearing
  • tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

vitatree memory and brain booster contains natural, safe, whole food nutrients to help increase the flow of blood and nutrients like oxygen and glucose to the brain. this is very important for learning in children, and also as you age, your brain requires a steady supply of nutrients and blood to think clearly and effectively.
similarly to other vitatree supplements, the memory and brain booster only contains nature’s best nutrients, without the use of synthetic vitamins, minerals or fillers and flow agents like magnesium stearate. formulated by naturopathic doctor, janine bowring, the memory and brain booster is in a class of its own in terms of supplements for boosting brain function and memory retention.

Ingredients in vitatree memory and brain booster:

bacopa monnieri: a herbal medicine that works as an anti-oxidant in the brain and helps reduce the oxidative stresses on brain cells. studies have proven the ability for bacopa monnieri to improve memory and anxiety in healthy adults.
periwinkle (vinpocetine): scientific studies show that this herbal medicine helps with improving the blood flow to the brain and allows for nutrients to reach the brain such as oxygen and glucose.
ginkgo biloba: helps increase peripheral circulation, blood flow to the extremities, and blood flow to the brain.
chlorella: a green algae helps to trap and bind heavy metal toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, which are associated with dementia and the aging brain.
recommended dose:
take 1-2 capsules, two times per day.

memory & brain booster 30 day supply
30 day supply of vitatree’s memory & brain booster.

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